RxWin dispensing software is the heart of the Propharm range of programs developed to accommodate ongoing technological advances and to utilize the benefits of a window driven system. RxWin provides user friendly interfaces with quick and easy access to linked programs.

Designed to facilitate all aspects of dispensing it stands to reason that RxWin software serves as a management platform covering the various departments to provide a reporting system on the total business of a pharmacy. Listed below are a few of the many functions of RxWin:

  • Fully electronic schedule register.
  • Rx alteration history report
  • Patient reports: tax reports and history.
  • Future dated scripts and reminders.
  • Future repeats, auto refilling and reminders.
  • Tariffs (procedure for claiming).
  • On script, pricing method can be changed or admin fee added.
  • Script and levy notes can be added.
  • Full generic file linking.
  • Complienz Drug Interactions.
  • Dispense per active ingredient.
  • Allergies (add patient ailment/allergy to profile).
  • Script packaging.
  • Email and SMS reminders for repeat prescriptions, birthdays and free type messages.
  • Alter script.
  • Batch claiming.
  • Claiming date can be changed.
  • Free type labels.
  • Retrieve report information including graphs.

With the RxWin system you are able to connect to the Internet and facilitate online communication with different Medical Aid schemes, vendors and other pharmacists.


POSWin is a Point of Sale Windows based retail pharmacy system designed to capture and manage incoming and outgoing transactions ensuring auditable records are maintained. The system has a vast reporting structure providing management information on the financial status of your business. POSWin has all the necessary functionality to process daily transactions and is also equipped to handle all payment methods with ease. Listed below are some of the many POSWin functions.

  • Invoicing
  • Credit notes
  • Record payments
  • Journal entries
  • Petty cash
  • Quotations
  • Quick month-end and year-end procedures
  • Debtors transections; Email statements/invoices, SMS amount due/transactions.


Stock movements in and out of any business must be controlled and managed with absolute precision. The StockWin system that can be utilised in multi department applications was developed for this exact purpose and has a very user friendly interface allowing access to all stock control functions. Stock is received using a scanner (barcode), nappi code or stock code. Maintaining stock levels is simplified as StockWin is fully integrated with the Order Direct stock ordering system. Reports from the various pharmacy departments can be exported to excel or pastel if and when required. Two stock take options are available for your convenience.


RecWin Reconciliation system manages Medical Aid scheme scripts and payments. For your convenience manual and electronic methods of reconciliation are offered to track, control and manage these payments and scripts.


The RecWin tracking facility enables tracking of Medical Aid scheme payments via date range, script range, per Medical Aid scheme and per pay office. This includes multiple transactions per RX number. The system allows you to analyse and identify payment irregularities as well as outstanding payments. Altered scripts are factored in correctly thus facilitating accurate reconciliation when required.


Communication with Medical Aid schemes can be managed directly off RXWin that is linked to RecWin offering both a precise and time saving method of solving queries and issues that may arise.


Dispensing medication requires a decision support system that will enable the pharmacist to accurately determine the optimum medicinal regiment that best suits a patient based on an honest and up to date medical profile. Complienz is that decision support system.


The pharmaceutical industry is constantly and rapidly evolving creating a daunting task for medical professionals to remain as knowledgeable as they are expected to be. The Complienz drug interaction software that is integrated with the RxWin dispensing software enables the pharmacist to access valuable information allowing accurate prescriptions to be issued. Information that cannot be printed on the label due to its size such as drug-to-food directions and other vital counselling information can be printed on a separate page for the patient. This add-on service is extremely important as it falls in line with the new Consumer Protection Act.


Drug-to-drug, drug-to-food, drug-to-disease interactions due to the Cytochrome P450 metabolizing enzymes are all found in Complienz. The Complienz interaction software is so intricate it can flag genetic polymorphisms in different races as well as individual patients. Above all, the highlight of Complienz is the solution finding capability it has for drug-to-drug interactions.


“Medicines”, wrote Leonardo da Vinci, “will be well used when we understand their nature, what man is, what life is, and what constitution and health are. Know these well and you will know their opposites; you will then know well how to devise a remedy.”


To find out more about Complienz, please visit www.complienz.co.za